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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

la la la

I don't know the why of all my yesterdays
even though the memories are set on replay,
there are tears and sorrow, happiness and joy
as I hold on to the days we thoroughly enjoyed.

I can feel the magic of your precious love
and when I close my eyes I'm with you above,
dancing upon the heavens in a wonderful embrace
as I gaze into your eyes I feel my heart begin to race.

I repeat each moment if only in my mind
as I freeze each treasured frame of our limited time.
nothing can replace what the Lord sent my way
as only you alone made my feet lift off the ground
in a magical kind of way.


I'm here, yes I'm here,
waiting, waiting for you,
I'm here, yes I'm here
wanting, wanting to share.

Love you, yes I love you,
for you are my forevermore,
Love you, yes I love you
and that is all you need to know.


La la la  no words
la la la once more,
la la la my darling,
la la la yes I do.

La la la no words,
la la la once more
la la  la my love
la la la as before.

Your heart in mine
as two souls are one,
for you are that special
and wonderful love.

La la la no words,
la la la once more
la la la tomorrow
la la la to see what's
in store.

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