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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, May 06, 2017

When You Wish Upon A Star...

This love like no other
took the reigns of time,
bridged the distance
through the mind.

Soft sweet whispers
for me and you alone ,
the words of love
freely flow.

I feel your presence
all through the day,
I know that you are
with me in this most
unusual way.

True love endures it wrote the chapter
on this journey of ours titled "forevermore. "
To embrace your love is to feel true happiness.

If wishes made it so , I'd be lying in your arms right now.

I am running so fast, how is that my feet are standing still?


The most gentlest of souls...

I have learned a lot even when I didn't want to....they call that experience.

There is an eerie silence...

As a young child, I had always wondered how my grandmother felt to outlive so many family and friends... I now know she felt, lost and empty with heavy heart. That is what it feels like to hold back a tear for a lifetime.

Every tear that falls sears the heart a it finds it way to the soul.

It is rather cruel to bring love together and at the same time keep it apart.

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