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Saturday, May 13, 2017

With a Country Twang

I could write a zillion words and still not convey how much I love you.

Completion comes with sharing the simple things in life
and acknowledging the truth of the heart.

I am content at this moment,
for I have felt the joy of love.

 I saw a heart and a soul and at that moment
                 I knew I witnessed love in action.

... each moment that builds into an hour
     reveals how much more one can love.

I'm gonna write a love letter
and send it directly to you
enclose a sweet kiss
with all my love for you.

My fingers on the keyboard
as I type the letters away,
I think of all the memories
that we shared day by day.

I'm gonna write a love letter,
let my heart speak to you
tell you how I feel and
what this love wouldn't do.

Nothing is ever easy as a
teardrop smudged the page,
the words all ran together
but the love still remained.

I'm gonna write a love letter
to connect my thoughts with you
and explain a bit on eternity
and how I'll wait forever for you.

I started over and over
to create in a perfect way
like a documented story of
how you came into my life
one day.

I'm gonna write a love letter
address it to my lover true,
so that only you will know
how much I do love you.

Like the mountain to the sky
and the river to the sea
that is just the way our love
is embracing a beautiful dream.

I'm gonna write a love letter
in away that only I can do
and express my souls intentions
of this love I have for you.

My thoughts in the morning
and my dreams at night
and everywhere I go
you are there by my side.

I'm gonna write a love letter
and I won't leave out any details,
each beat of my heart and just
how much it feels.

The memories are clear
as if they were all yesterday
as I write the words of love
the sun comes out and replaces
the rain.

I'm gonna write a love letter
put it all to song and in hopes
that if you are listening your
heart won't lead you wrong.

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