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Monday, May 22, 2017


In kindergarten we were asked "what is happiness?" I think most people are on a quest to find happiness throughout their life. I found that true happiness is not something attained by money or another person but in reality it comes from our view of the world and how we digest our experiences. It can be heightened when we find that special someone to experience the journey with but never the less it has to be there inside you to surface and grow.
 Happiness has nothing to do with work or health, it is much more deeply seeded within. I have known people who have their health, wealth and companionship that still lacked the essential ingredient of happiness. So I wondered could we consider happiness a mental state? In reality we can't walk through life as I would say " dancing on clouds" sooner or later we would have to step down. I do believe that to have happiness in your soul allows you to not succumb to the negative. That doesn't mean we don't have moments of sadness when we experience death or struggles that we can overcome them when we understand the "why of life" 
I thought about this deep seeded happiness. Why are some people satisfied with life and others constantly cold and bitter. Could there be a genetic disposition towards it. I laughed as I thought of a genetic code or DNA that allowed one to see a beautiful flower blooming and another no that the flowers bloom will end. 
The death of my youngest sister has been on my mind a lot. Not so much was I thinking about her untimely death but her life, from childhood on. She never ever attained happiness and she had more than most. It is quite the reminder for me to remember all the beauty and that no matter how limited the time everything is a gift. Like roses in a vase, so fragrant and beautiful even though they are short lived. 
To share in a moment
and have you by my side
how wonderful this magic 
that brings you to mind. 

To live and to love 
and embrace in dreams 
knowing there is love 
all is as it seems. 

I can feel the joy 
though your a distance away
for you are ever close 
in my heart is where you stay. 

This is my happiness 
when I think of you 
and my heart beats faster
umbrella'd under skies of blue.


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