Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 30, 2016


The moon rises above the mountains
taking its place high up in the sky
while bringing us ever closer as it
blankets peacefully over you and I.

The night so very exceptional
no clouds of any type passing by,
so all the stars within the heavens
twinkled like sparkles of light.

The birds were all silenced
now sleeping in the trees
and the night felt magical
as it brought you next to me.

My head upon the pillow
just like the night before
and the images of sweet love
from you whom I adore.

Infused with happiness
that our lives are one
and that no matter what
I am doing, I am graced
with our love.

My heart tells a story
that you already know,
life had changed for the better
when you first let your love

My breathing quickly slowed
as if the night and I were one
and distance played no part
of this most special love.

It has the ability
to embrace from a far,
even like the heavens
that sends to us the stars.

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