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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Speak Heart Of Love

Speak heart of love, 
and my heart speaks of you, 
such happiness and joy 
can never be destroyed. 

Sing heart of love 
and my heart sings of you,
with a blanket of peace
that I had never known.

Dream heart of love 
and my heart dreams of you,
the comfort that your bring
means everything to me. 

Feel heart of love 
and my heart feels of you, 
like the simple wind 
blows across my face. 

Dance heart of love
and my heart dances with you,
embraced one to one 
in the clouds above. 

Live heart of love 
and my heart lives for you
in everything I say and 
all that I do. 

Breathe heart of love 
and each breath I take for you, 
consumed with all you are, 
like my very own shining star. 

                                               Gaze up at the night sky,

            the moon is shining bright, 

                                               I sent to it a message to 

         to shine on you tonight. 

                                               Gaze up at the night sky, 

          the stars are shining bright
                                               I sent to them a message

        to give to you the love of my life. 



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