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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Love For Life

I was walking past a store and saw this coin horse. It reminded me of going to downtown Pittsburgh as a child and in front of G.C. Murphy's was a coin horse, It was a light tan horse but never the less for a quarter you could get to ride it. It is funny the memories one picture , thought or action can trigger. Every year for at least the first twelve years of my life, we lived in a different house and every year a new school. Funny thing is with each move I made a friend and that was the highlight of being the new girl in school. It's a bond that is out of the ordinary as some how those people become a part of the journey for a day a month or a year and in many ways helps in the forming of character.
It has not been the case since I became an adult. Having children I wanted them to have that stability that I didn't have. So that they went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood and would have a lifetime bond. So I thought, it doesn't always work out that way. My children have taught me that we are who we will be no matter the circumstances or situations that arise.
I also learned that there are bonds between people that are unique to each of us. I tried to think back about the people who had pages in various chapters of my life. What made them stand out or special.? Sometimes its a common bond and understanding of each other and maybe yes and attraction. Enjoying the companionship , the personality, somehow becomes a magnet.
Life is about recording memories and sometimes its better to file the positive ones in front for easy retrieval and not forget or toss away the negatives one, but put them away as not to carry on heavy luggage.
It is as near perfect a day as one could ask for. The weather a little cooler and no sign of humidity.   I could spend the day thinking about what could be better or different or be grateful for the positive in our life.
One of my grade school teachers knew me best. " Rachel the daydreamer" I am not sure if I was always daydreaming or that the bird in flight outside the school window was a just little more interesting than a history lesson. I still enjoy the birds outside my window and the flowers in my garden, the perfect back drop for a daydream.

I have your good mornings
and all of your good nights,
my world is truly wonderful
I have your love for life.

I have the memories
that make my world fine,
like magic in the wind
each day is sparkle time.

I have your heart and
I gave to you mine and
all is as it should be
on this journey we call

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