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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Morning Love Song

I embraced the darkness of the night
and the rise of the morning sunlight,
I knew that you were here with me
and that this wasn't some silly dream. 

My eyes were held tightly closed 
but the heart can see what the soul 
already knows, that our love is
magical indeed as it bridges 
with the warmest memories. 


Dancing without moving, 
singing without song, 
I'm there with you, 
right there in your arms. 

Dreaming without sleeping, 
feeling without touch, 
I'm there with you, 
right there in your heart. 


Little bird at my window, 
sings her morning love song
like courting the heart she
brought you from a far singing
her morning love song. 

Flowers blooming outside my window,
in colors of every shade and hue, 
from reds to yellow and green to blue,
they are all in celebration of my love
for you. 

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