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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Kaleidoscope...the colors of life.

                                                                Your love is joy to the heart
                                                                    and peace to my soul.

Kaleidoscope changes to give you a different view,
like you changed my life and made each day new. 

                                                  I don't need a rainbow to reach on out to you, 
                                           love can cross the blue in an arch from my heart to you.
  Peace is the contentment that comes with true love, 
happiness is when your have a partner to share it with. 


 I knew from the first, 
it was a love from inside, 
I recognized your heart 
and that caught me 
by surprise. 

I felt  from the first
the magic of your touch,
it reaches out day and night
and renewed my life with love.

I laughed and i cried, 
I tried at first to deny,
that a love such as ours
burns stronger with the 

I heard the music played
on the strings of my heart,
the passion and excitement
of a dance in your arms.

This love exceeds 
all of earth's demands,
no barriers or distance
are written into the plan.

Like sunshine in the morning
and the moon light at night,
you are my everything, 
the best part of my life. 

Once surrounded by darkness,
now there's a forever glow, 
for your love shines so brightly
that through my life it shows. 

You are my forever love, 
like a fire that never burns out,
nothing can extinguish 
the passion of such love. 

Magical indeed
like wakening from a dream
and knowing what I know
allows our love to grow. 

Some call it fate, 
God's wishes if you will, 
a journey that takes us
on many a turn and up each hill. 

You have your place 
as I have mine, 
I'm in your heart 
and you are here in mine. 

You are my forever love, 
like a fire that always burns,
nothing can extinguish 
the passion of such love. 


Margie said...

Hi Rachel
This poem is so lovely!

Just wanted to let you know I am still around but not in a good frame of mind these
days as my dearest sister was diagnosed with ALS and I am feeling quite sad and
also depressed!

Please say some prayers for my sister, her name is Terri, thank you!

I have not been visiting blogs or posting except for a post I did towards the end of May.

Take care and keep writing those beautiful poems!


Rachel C Miller said...

Dear Margie,

Think about you often and was hoping that you were well and enjoying life. So sorry to hear about your sister. Of course my prayers go out to you and your sister.