Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 06, 2016


It was a rainfall like no other
a sudden long and melodic song and
I felt both a calm and restlessness
like I never felt before.

Warm and yet chilled
I quivered head to toe and
my heart began racing
as the thunder rolled in slow.

Lightening danced upon the heavens
with a flash bright and bold as if
a switch was turned on quickly
and the night began to glow.

The stream bed was rising
and quickly the current moved
as I sensed a kind of melancholy
of the wind as it abruptly blew.

Eerie I felt your presence
as if I was safe within your embrace
and the rain it just kept on falling
in a frightening kind of way.

Inhaling slowly as if to bring you near and
share in this moment with tender loving care.
I visualized our souls rising above the storm
and finding our place above the clouds, which
soon would become our norm.

The rain continued falling but no longer did I fear
as our souls gently entwined and the magic now shared.
Two hearts had melded quickly into one, infused with the
sweetest touch, the most wonderful kind of love.

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