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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 03, 2016

Many Words of One Heart

The rose is just a rose
until it's shared by two
and the petals are our
everything as it's a part
of me and you.

Souls joined together
that nothing can part,
as time exposes our
love as a work of art.

Always on my mind
and forever in my heart,
your presence in my life
is like a bouquet of stars.

Incredible the feelings,
the emotions on a high
only get stronger and
stronger with time.

I questioned the journey
and wondered about the time
that our souls collided and
the world took on a rhyme.

Words to remember,
that two became one
and we live on earth
and in the heavens as
a unique and special love.

                                                      It is easy to see how wonderful life can be,
                                                 as distance can't separate what's now a part of me.

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