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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 13, 2016

You're the Song In My Day

An early morning sunrise at 5:22
the birds were all singing their
melodic love tune.
I looked out the window and the
sky was still not blue, like the void
in my heart when I'm missing you.

Such a beautiful start to the day,
all that is needed is your smiling
Silence had fallen as the birds no
longer were in song, as if they
knew something was wrong.

I reached for my pillow and
I scrunched it so very tight
as if holding it close would
make everything right.

My heart knew what to do
to remove the void of you,
I closed my eyes and their
in the dark an image appeared
and not very far.

Taking a deep breath,
I knew you were here
and that we'd have the rest
of our life to share.

It wasn't magic or early morn dreams
nor was it my silly hopeful plea's,
my heart to yours is a beautiful sight
and I knew at that moment that it
would be all right.

I carry you with me wherever I go,
you're in my heart and that is so.
The love of my life, the joy in my day
grows faster and stronger like grass
in the rain.


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