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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

An Autumn Adventure

It was our first adventure into Harrisburg and this is the tree we decorated with facial scrubs, soaps and miniature shopping bags. There were so many people and I can't remember the last time I saw so many vendors and people in one location. One step forward with the Autumn Skin Care and if nothing else it was great exposure. Though sixteen hours non stop for five days wasn't much fun and it only took two days to recuperate.
I sometimes think to myself why is it I am on this journey? and well it  is obvious I didn't choose it because it is easy, but never the less it is rewarding. In one instance the days were long and in another it went so very quickly. My handy dandy sales rep said you can view your heart through your smile for all to see. I sometimes wonder if that is good or bad. Because it is very difficult at times knowing what is guiding me my heart,my soul or my senses. I sometimes like to think all three, but that is to be seen. I am surfacing from the let down feeling from returning home and already scheduling for 2011. For those who have take the time to allow me in their life whether through the poetry or the skin care or on a personal note, I want to give my thanks  for taking a ride down the road of Autumn's Adventures.
As I look out the window at the bitter cold and the morning doves hovering over the feeder, it becomes a reminder of all that we have accomplished. The birds anxious to feed as the normal wild seed is not so easily attainable covered by snow. It is not always easy what life throws our way but like the birds that seek other sources for food we have found alternate ways to survive the seasons of life.
It seems like at this time of year more than ever I find myself reviewing the past. I don't believe I have understood everything or everyone that has crossed my path and find myself trying to analyze over an over again to find the moral or the lesson behind it all. Trying to balance my emotions and file them accordingly so as not to allow that which I really don't understand to interfere with my present goals. Marches forward...

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