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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

The children and I went to Mr Bells Tree farm to find the perfect Christmas tree. Just enough snow to be festive and freeze off the toes. Mr. Bell is an icon in Greene County, he is 95 years old and still brings joy to many families each year. He was driving around in his 1970's something Jeep and he said " this Jeep was around way before you were born." Well talking about putting your own personal spin on a compliment. I'll take a compliment  anyway I can get it.
We walked over the hills and checked out the many different kinds of Christmas trees and people shared comments on the weather" it is a cold out here, brrr can't wait till it warms up, to it's perfect holiday weather for roasting chestnuts" . After over one hundred trees if not more  it was like a bright light. We knew we had the right one,just tall enough and fat enough to be perfect. Okay so it does have a few bare spots, we can hide that or alter it a little,  the branches aren't perfect, just a little nip and tuck, but all in all its a really cool tree. We did pick it and  it's our we picked it out together, well maybe not so together, I just thought this is it,  and Max agreed.
 There is something special about going to Bells Farm for the trees, yes  the neighbors are getting a tree, as well and we recognize many friendly faces as everyone wishes each other a happy holiday. The children are teenagers and well lol they do it to please mom. So I got all the typical teenage lines" Do I gotta go? Don't take my picture!, I don't need a jacket, I wish I had worn my jacket. Oh my fingers are  frozen, I forgot how cold it is hunting for a tree, do we have to look over every hill for a tree?  do you really need all those branches for a wreath? Oh James is here! I should have dressed better, I didn't know we would see people we knew! It wasn't just anyone its the one I have a super crush on, wish we could have stayed longer, he invited us to sit in his car and warm up, ah mom do we have to leave?" lol go figure can't get them there and than you can't get them to leave. Ah the teenager years and those crushes that you just don't quite understand.
Well it is official the start of the holiday season, we purchased a tree, we will start baking cookies and the celebrations begin., that is if I can find my cookbooks. How can you have a cookbook for a lifetime and than lose it. ugh! Takes deep breath retreats to bedroom, time out. Did I say time out? one day into festivities and I am already pulling time out.
May you find peace and joy in this holiday season and well remember those very transitional years from child to teenager to adult....Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful memories of Xmas picking out the right tree.

Anonymous said...

I have an artificial tree I keep in my attic but I too have fond memories of getting the tree. A couple years ago everything was going well. I got the ladder out of the basement no problem, crawled into the attic no problem.

I was dragging the bins with the tree and decorations across the floor and heard a hissing sound.

I looked down next to my knee was an upset bat that I dragged across the floor.

That was a Christmas tree memory I will never forget.

For those interested I got the bat into a plastic bag with a lacrosse stick and able to let it go outside.

Rachel C Miller said...

Do you set the bat free? I have to say that when a bat was in the house, it was pretty scary. Funny that something so small and cause such commotion. Merry Christmas My Friend.

Rachel C Miller said...

I guess that is what mom's do make memories for the children. I always tried to offset the negative ones with much more positive memories. Because we all know that you can have a thousand good memories but that one negative one can pierce awfully deep and leave behind a nasty wound that may last for a life time... cheers here is to good memories.