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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bonded by Angels

Each day comes with the breath of a new moment, a walk through life, thus revealing varied experiences. Just like the snowflakes that are falling, no two are a like. There is a bit of irony that on one side there is the reign of freedom and on the other the restraints of darkness that have failed to let me go. It made me question ,is it my experience that I walk or like a network and I am stumbling in out of the experiences of others? I presume that all that has yet to happen is somehow connected to the path of our yesterday. All that I am really aware of is my reaction to the daily occurrences and how my emotions are filtered in my desire to retain the positive.

I woke up to reality,as
it stared me in the face
and through a glimpse of
sadness, your love I stood
to embrace.

I held it ever so close and
I refuse to let it go, so when
I looked out into the rays of,
sunlight, I smiled as if our eyes
had met and your lips to mine like
the images of our love aglow.

The day was all so lonely, though
a crowd was all in place, but it was
the absence of your being that my
heart and soul took chase.

Hatred entangled, the evil soul had
spoke and though no words fell from
his lips, his actions fear create.

I stood without emotion, my spirit in
disbelief,that darkness battles our 
love and to your memory dare to erase.

Fortunately the heart is open and stands
very strong, it placed your love inside
for safe keeping,to survive the worst
of storms. 

I kept the treasure inside although outside
was an explosion of warmth and giggles and
than I reminisced of our love which is of
the utmost regal.

No secrets do I keep, no magic in the air, for
bonded are we by angels from the day our love first appeared.

There is no greater love than the love 
which is encased in happines and brings 
joy with each and every breath. 

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