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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Gift

I always thought of holidays as looking through the eyes of a child. There was and is something magical about the holiday season. From Thanksgiving where you are sharing a warm and wonderful dinner to the sounds of carolers in the streets. I was especially fond of the city, lights and the magical mechanical store windows that came to life each holiday season.
The hills are prematurely covered with icicles and a dusting of snow blankets the hills to create a collage of emotion. Many visuals enter my mind and the simplicity of a shared moment surfaces. Life can be so trying and I think we are reprogrammed early in life to dream of a comfort zone. In all the images whether they are a snap crackling fire, a snow ball battle, hot chocolate, shopping, baking and gift wrapping they all include a companion, the comfort of another heart.
There are many situations that surface over a lifetime and each person finds their own way of surviving the less than perfect ones. I kind of giggled when yesterday a woman in Waynesburg said hey I know you, you are the soap lady. I knew by looking at her she had been crying and I said " is everything okay?" and she said that her mother in law with whom she was close with passed away one week since being diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She went on to say that being close to the holidays that it made it twice as difficult at they had already shopped for gifts and planned for the upcoming celebrations. I wished her well, she smiled and thanked me and went on her way. It just made me realize that each day people have their own personal battles, challenges and things to overcome.
I guess I have always been rather simple in thought and it didn't occur to me until my daughter asked for something for Christmas and I said oh I already bought your gift and I said " well tell me what you wanted anyway" She said " it doesn't really matter, what matters is that for a moment as you chose a gift you thought of me and that makes me happy" I thought to myself that they are children and surely not perfect but we have been through allot and that she is just one special kid.
Life and the positive experiences in life are created by the company we keep. I wiped tears as I began to look over the years and the particular ones that have warmed my heart. The heart shouldn't ache so much, love was meant to be and is the fuel that drives the soul.

Sharing a word and a smile or two,
living and loving like dreamers do.
Walking through life holding your
hand and embracing like lovers on
the sand.

The first snow flake that falls from the
sky, capturing each day as the seasons
 go by.Storing the memories of you and
I, the ones that make you mine.

Life is so perfect and only complicated
by the luggage we choose to carry.

There is no greater gift than love and
yet it is the gift most overlooked.
 I have held back the tears for so long, that I think I can now fill several buckets. Tears of sadness, heartache and despair mixed with a blend of tears of joy.

My Gift 

I give to you my heart
overflowing with tomorrows
dreams and wrapped
it up with faith to deliver
a gift of memories.

I placed within it trust,
and my love to make it
true an infused  it full of
desire to spend my life
with you.

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