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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Pillow

It is true that good or bad we get something from everyone we meet. It can  range from one word to a full experience and thus cause various feelings to occur and reactions as we respond. Taking a walk down memory lane...

It was the teachers who said I couldn't,
to the one who gave a reward, many
friends in passing and the ones that I

Laughter and smiles, crushes but a few,
the days long gone but the memories still
hold true.

Sometimes a story, occasionally just a
word and than there is the music that
from my soul was burned.

Fear like a bridge broken across a sea
and days when all is like a simple dream.
Choices that led your soul to mine and
the lessons of life in which our spirit dines.

Remarkable passion, dreams but a few,
romance to delight in a day shared with
you. Petals on the bed, music in the air
and a image of you with me when we
have time to spare.

I have learned that life passes by to fast,
and no matter how beautiful a rose in
bloom was never meant to last.

To everything a season from childhood
till now, but you are right my friend we
have some special now. We have the
knowledge that only time can give and
that is why I know my love it is for you
whom I live.

I saw the many trials of the present and the
past and I can stand here and view them
and sometimes I cry and other times I  laugh.


My Pillow

My pillow holds the secrets of my wanting heart and though the tears no longer fall, I know that I felt it all. I once cried  in loneliness and again in despair, I felt the sorrow in my soul and released it into the air. My wants were of a hunger for the passion between two, to allow the flesh to entwine with  the warmth of loving you. I whispered in the darkness and your name flowed from my lips and it was all for the wanting of your nightly kiss.

I reached out for my pillow and I pulled it so ever near and I imagined you beside me with out a single care. Time had reckoned and I knew this story well, I lived in darkness like an a angel sent into hell. The clouds were passing and I knew my chance was now to glance into the heavens and see your wonderful smile. A little bit wiser I now knew what it all would mean, the time it took to bring your gentle love to me.

No tears upon this pillow, I refuse to cry, I won't be a prisoner of my own mind. I want to kiss and hold you all night long and love you with the passion of the most beautiful love song. Feel my heart as it beats for you, don't let me go, I don't what I would do. Let your dreams carry you to me and I will hold you in the night while you are holding me.

Every night I hold my pillow as my hands across the surface  explore ,as if your flesh was what I could feel.Something was happening to me , I was waking up from my dream to find I'm  still lonely The sun and the moon still appear and I felt as if I were on the stars waiting for you my dear. I clenched my pillow tighter and I begged aloud, for you my love to come down from the clouds.

Silence muted the angels song, but nothing could stop the music that came along. I can hear it, my pillow and I the song of love that belongs to you and I. The words were rather simple, the melody a peaceful tune. Played on my heart and sung from me to you. La de la I love you la de la it's true, la de la I love you, la de  la, me and you.

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