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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There is always tomorrow for dreams to come true...

As long as the sun holds it place in the sky,
as long as blue bird can wing and sing as
it goes by. As long as you can love me till
the ends of time, than we will live forever
 you and I.

As long as the stars light the night sky,
as long as the clouds take us on the
 ride of our life.As long as you can
dream our sweet embrace, than we
will love face to face.

Sings> I'm dreaming dreams,
I'm wishing on stars and I am
throwing penny's in the well.

I'm thinking of you, wanting
you here with me and needing
you to hold me.

I'm dreaming dreaming dreams,
I'm wishing on stars and I am
throwing penny's in the well.

I'm sharing my heart, igniting
the spark and the passion

I'm dreaming dreams, I'm
wishing on stars and I am
throwing penny's in the well..

I'm loving you , I'm wanting
you and I needed you here with

Amazing the influence that childhood has on you and how it can somehow can be a message of hope. I always liked the children song in the children Rudolph special, " There is always tomorrow for dreams to come true" but I think I always related to the elf, I wanted to be a Dentist. I think it is kind of funny when you think about what you want to be when you grow up. My first to be dream was to be a ballerina but I don't think I am that graceful and than I wanted to be a teacher and for years  I use to play teacher to imaginary students. Than when I made it into high school I was so sure I was going to be a dentist  and went as far couple years of dental class, working in a dentist office, until I somehow ended up working in a bank. It all became about survival and it wasn't until many years later that I found my nitch in life and decided to believe in myself. Not everything is exactly where I want it to be, but it is true there is always tomorrow for dreams to come true. So many people say to me " if anyone can do it you can" That is troubling as I have gotten older and I think of all the wasted years or the years where I felt I was in limbo.
I went shopping picked up supplies for baking cookies. I realize this is my down time and you could call it family time where my daughter and I  will spend time baking cookies and decorating for the holidays. The holidays to me have always been a sense of peace. I never thought it was about gifts, but I do enjoy shopping for others  and trying to find something that might make them happy. But the real the happiness is in the time shared, it's in the making of memories that we give the greatest of gifts.

You and I

I spend my day aloof and seemingly astray,
dreaming dreams that make the darkness
fade away.. Simple visions of you by my side
and in hope that I would wake up to feel your
body tenderly entwined with mine.

Close as close as two souls can be, your body
next to mine and I 'm caught up  in a dream.
I can almost hear each beat of your heart as I
imagine holding you close as the intense
passion within begins to spark.

Whispering words of my undying love for you,
and the passionate affection that I belong only
 to you. Words can only capture one tenth of
how I feel, the rest comes from my soul
and overflows like the damn as it spills.

I felt it deep from inside, the magic of your love,
and knew at that instance I was yours and you
were mine.Once you caught me my surprise and
as I gazed into the heavens I now knew what
 I would find.

Beyond the clouds and the deepest part
of the sea, there is a story about the love
of the love of you and I. Something special had
happened on that day and at that very
moment I knew you'd always be here
to stay.

You entered my heart in the most auspicious
way, leaving behind the memories that I had
mostly certainty had gained. Words of love,
birds singing up above and angels pinging on
the chords of my heart, the song of you my

I won't spend another day shedding tears of
blue, I have something special, I have the love
of you. Nothing can replace it or make it go
away, because this love is so wonderful that
it is in my heart to stay.


Snowflakes on the window,
dog barking at the door,
phone ringing and I am
daydreaming ,daydreaming
we are down by the shore.

Music playing I love you,
dreams cast of you and I,
rainbows falling from the
heavens and happiness
with you is no surprise.

Dance heart and soul
together, our spirits
bonded into one, there
is nothing I would rather
do than be with the one
I love.


Everlasting Love, it is the kind of magic that few will ever know,  a love that last forever, beyond what those on earth know. In your arms forever, in your heart forever plus a day, in the heavens where dreams are sent from the angels to those who dare to know. Everlasting love is something you rarely, eternal pleasure of sharing life beyond our every dream.

Felicitous dreams cast you to me and there in the darkness we dance like the angels spirit out at sea. Dance my love, your bodies next to mine , dance my love we are for all time. Nothing or no one can take your love from me, for you my darling are my everlasting dream. You my darling are burned into my memory.

Dance, Sweet Love Dance

Intricate steps lead my soul to yours
and there is where the embrace
bonds us like the ocean to the shore,
rocking like the waves and I still come
up holding you, as you are  the
grains of sand as each through my
heart sift through.

This is most unique, it is defined by the
heart,created of happiness, it is where
joy gets its spark.Love like ours was
always meant to be and those who
feel threatened are surely
 the devils seed.

I realized that I can never let you go,
you filtered through my heart and to
my soul you go. Dreams the catalyst
to bring your love to me and every
morning I wake up holding on to
what was always meant to me.

Sweet kisses both morning and night,
warm embraces that no true love
would dear to fight. I close my eyes
and I see you standing there and I
know this is awful special and there
is nothing to fear.

My heart of flesh,
 my spirit in the wind,
the dreams of love each
new day begin.

Songs of angels,
whispers out at sea and
there I wait to hold you
gently next to me.
Sings>I'm loving you... oh baby I'm loving you....there is something no one has ever seen, no one knows what you meant to me. This love of you and I gives means to the blue of sky,.  I'm loving you...oh baby I'm loving you.... there is something no one has ever seen, no one knows what you mean to me


La la ...la la ....laaaaaaa laaaaaaa I love you, oh yes I do, I love you with all my heart. La la...la la ...lalaaaaaaa. laaaaaaaaaa. I love you , oh yes I do, I love you with all my heart.

Sweet kisses from your lips to mine, a sweet reminder that sealed our love for all time. Wonderful embracing, to seal your soul to mine in an everlasting moment that stops the hands of time.


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