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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Morning Kisses

La la la la  la, la la la la la , la
take the dream and replay it,
take the song and sing along
with it, take my heart and
please don't give it way.

La la la la la , la la la la la , la
take my hand and hold it tight,
take my kisses and make it right,
take my love and don't you give
it away.

Sings>To hear the words of love
before they have left my lips and
know the pleasure of your sweet
and tender kiss.

To make the darkness fade with
dreams of  yesterday, where you
and I like children laugh and play.

To walk hand in hand like lovers
on the sand and know the day
belongs to you and I.

To wake into your arm and
 explore all yours day after

To realize what is to some
a surprise that love like this
is meant to be.

To watch the river flow and
free the blue bird it can your
love to me.

To give light to the dark of
night in hopes that I'll wake
to find you next to me.
Sings>I've Got Something

I've got something to tell you,
I don't want you to ever forget.
I'm gonna love you my darling,
I'm gonna love you.. Oh! I'm
gonna  love you.

I've got something to give you,
I don't want you to let it go.
I'm gonna give you the dreams,
I'm gonna make them come
true,I 'm gonna make that
happen for me and you.

I've got something to tell you,
I don't want you to ever forget,
I'm gonna whisper the words,
I'm gonna whisper to you,
I'm gonna whisper.. I love you

Inside of Me
It could have been the rainbow or the sunlight through the trees, but something special was happening that much I could hear and see. The wind was whispering quietly your name  as it traveled great distances in hopes of sending my love your way. I can't tell you, but this much you must know that the angels were on our side when our hearts collide so. I saw it in the heavens  and on the clouds way up high, the silhouette of lovers in the dreams that make you mine. Removing all signs of darkness your love founds its way and as I wake up early this morning my smiles are on display. This morning is special, as special as can be, because your love my darling lives here inside of me.

Seventeen and promises,
lost as I could be, hoping
that the road would smooth
out and lead you to me. 

I stumbled once to many,
my choices were poor,
but I only wanted a sense
of peace for my forevermore.

The Lord had other plans and
live and learn do we, that everything
that happens was somehow meant
to be.

Little bit smarter and wiser am I,
that I can recognize the truth from
all those little lies.

Some people here a day, many are
now long gone, but the one who holds
my heart knows the words to our song.

They say that men and women think and interpret on a different level. One physical and one emotional, but as I review my own experiences I don't think the differences are between men and women but people in general.It is the first lessons of childhood that create the blue print in which we follow and therefore leads us on an ever winding journey. We in a sense try to connect with and adult when our actions and emotions must first connect with the child. Imagining the people you come in contact with their line up in the family there first experiences in kindergarten and you will have unveiled a person in a different perspective. The connections of souls is much deeper it connects with the spirit the energy of our being. Love as love would have, deeply, uncontrollably and with the passion that so lives within us.

I think it is sad that a journey can be so long and
winding before we can understand it completely.


Love can never hold anger in its heart,
for it is the most forgiving of emotion.

True compassion is the ability to see through the eyes of another
and feel it in your heart and know in your soul the power of touch.

I tasted freedom and that is what made the restraints of hell so painful.

I have loved when I had given up that such even existed.
Speak of truth and you will succeed in the conquest of hearts,
my heart to yours, my soul beside you,my love within you.

This passion that flows outward from my
soul knows the destination of its power.

Because I dared to love, I dare to live.
Sweet morning kisses can wipe these tears of mine,
Sweet morning kisses makes bitter the finest wine.
I'm gonna wake each morning and dream I'm  next
to you, I'm gonna listen to your heart beat and
watch my dreams of love come true.

Sweet morning kisses like sunshine in the rain,
puts a spin on the day and makes the gray skies fade.
Sweet morning kisses are what you give to me, sweet
morning kisses turns a winter day to spring.

Sweet morning kisses to this weary heart of mine,
sweet morning kisses soaked in a lovers brine.
I can taste them  and yes a bitter sweet , they
crossed the river to crash right through my dreams.

Sweet morning kisses are heavenly divine, they can
ease a broken heart and heal a trouble mind.
Sweet morning kisses are what I share with you
took the stormy sky and it made a power baby blue.

Sweet morning kisses can wipe these tears of mine, 
Sweet morning kisses makes bitter the finest wine. 
I'm gonna wake each morning and dream I'm  next
to you, I'm gonna listen to your heart beat and
watch my dreams of love come true


The winter serenade is of the wind that whistles through the trees, the whip and crack of the branches and the hawk who is hungry for something to eat. Rain and a blend of snow and a mixture of ice and water that just won't go. The season sings along with the heart that beats for the from night till dawn. The river that swell beyond the bank and the dreams of love that my soul gives thanks.
No man is more powerful than another,
for death shall to come each and everyone.
But he who walks in darkness has failed to
experience the joy  and magic of sweet love.

Sometimes the memories are heavy and they weigh like an anchor on a cloud and other times the images are uplifting and I reach for you my love. Raindrops on the window, a rainbow that stretches across the sky, the warmth that you have given is in  my heart, soul and mind.Dreams of you, the dance that only lovers do, the reason for living and the world when it bows to let our love through Sometimes the memories are heavy and they weight like an anchor on a cloud and other times the images are uplifting and that is when you are all that can be found.

I am but one spirit that reached on out to you
and you are the angel that clearly reached back
and let your love shine through.

I am happy, happy as can be, not that I possess but that when I am with you we're free. I am happy, happy as can be, for I have had the opportunity to love and have love returned to me.

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