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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Precious Threads of Life

When my children were experiencing or when I  had expectations I would always think back to when I was their age. It is amazing how much we know and what we dwell on or how we see the world. As kids we would say it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to know what makes the world go around. We separate ourselves from the animals and all of nature and the universe itself by our ability to speak and comprehend as well as by our emotions and yet it does not alter our vulnerability to life itself. My mom would say that "everyone has a number "and no matter what we do, we can't interfere with fate. But what we do have the ability to do is direct our energy in a positive way while we are in this body, on this journey in this life time. My life has been an upheaval of emotion, some would say drama. You know that everyone has at least one good story, a journey, characters, experiences and a outcome that will become their legacy. If everyone understood that we are not responsible for other peoples actions only our  own and if everyone took responsibility for their own actions in a positive way, how much better the world would be.life is so precious from the moment we are born, to each breath we take, to each choice we make. We have been empowered with the ability to change the world and a life in the most miraculous way. I use to tell my children that they each had a very special gift and just because they haven't found that gift within themselves, doesn't mean they don't have it. Sometimes people go a lifetime on earth not realizing what their gift is and others seem born knowing.
We are separate and yet joined in unity and surrounded by the framework of a masterpiece. I thought about the tears and what they represented and it was obvious that they were the exteriors presentation of our most internal thoughts.We cry for many reasons for the silence of the soul, for the darkness that takes hold and sometimes for that which we cannot change. Just as many people will say they can see my heart through my eyes or smile, I can see hatred and evil in others. It makes you think from early on we are like a well programmed computer and our later actions are the reaction to what we absorbed throughout our many years on earth.
I have always had a problem wanting people to think like me. It is like you spend your life looking for that person who understands you, loves you for exactly who you are and views you completely from the inside. Love is so pure and so perfect that it can embrace in away that is warm and wonderful and healing. It reminds me of a set of books I read, where the young woman spends her life trying to find her people, where she belong or fits in. I don't think that the bond has to do with the exterior but more with the soul itself. I do think that there is a connection from one soul to another. It has been said that stories passed down even those which seem fiction based have some truth to them. Actions that go against the soul lead us down the wrong path and sometimes it takes a lifetime to redirect it and set it on the right road to our place in this world.

The Precious Threads of Life

It is true our time is limited from
the day that we are born and no
one lives forever in this body that
walks in its earthly form.

We know not where it leads us,
nor how long or far we shall go,
but we are aware that the clock
is ticking, always fast and never

So precious are the threads of
life in which we have the needle
to sew and a tapestry begins to
form and like the winds a story

Chapters of sorrow, a few of
despair, but I linger on the
positive pages, the ones
when you are here..

I don't quite understand it,
yet it is obvious to my mind,
that the moments when you
are with me, is when we
stop the hands of time.

The gift is in the moment,
free of struggles and of fear,
full of joy and magic is when
our love flows through the air.


Anonymous said...

Hey im new here.

Im sam, how is everyone?

I look forwards to being a active memeber

Anonymous said...

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Rachel C Miller said...

welcome! I am glad you are enjoying the blog... it is a nice quote to live by.


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