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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Endless Love

When I close my eyes and I hold still each and every frame the images are a  haunting reminder of what love lay to claim. The tiny little heart held with in your hand, the sparkle in your eyes that set the days demands. Heart to heart infusion, soul to soul embrace and as I dance upon the heavens, I dance to the hands of fate. The treasure thus revealing, the magic of our love, like gem stones polished to a fine finish and rainbows across the sky and the feeling of your flesh as it meets up with mine. The time matters little, one moment or a day for our souls have come together in the most magnificent of ways. The bond is never ending and I know to this very day that our souls were meant to collide and bring the sweetest touch of happiness in the most amazing way. It is obvious somethings I'll never understand, the road of yesterday, the struggles along the way and the Lords plan that made finding you a game. But the outcome is most rewarding and to my heart it brand, your name next to my name like a etching upon the sand. We've had many experiences, we failed at a few, but that is what makes this special, when I write the words, I love you.

Vulnerable to the moment for all plans are
altered by each breath we take. 

The children decorated the tree yesterday. I missed being able to do it with them. But I must say they did a beautiful job decorating and as soon as I am feeling better I will take a picture. As the old saying goes " time stands still for no one "and the holidays are quickly approaching.Whether we are ready or not the world will celebrate the birth of opportunity. For that is exactly what we have been granted, opportunity to bring love and joy into the world.

  Each smile shares in the secrets of our endless love.

 I spent the weekend with my grandchildren and unfortunately they shared more than hugs and kisses and I am down with a bout of the intestinal flu I feel like that little green smiley. .So I lay here  daydreaming of more beautiful images. Arms so strong and yet gentle as can be, kisses sweet that send a tremble to my knees. Thoughts of a day with you and I, waking in your arms just to watch the stars blanket the sky. Watching your smile and knowing that it is true, our love is forever and there is nothing I won't do, to spend my life loving you.

I cried in a soft like whisper to the heavens up above,
to etch the words of passion for the one I love.
I confirm this love is all so true, a little bit
obsessive but it is entails all that I feel for you. 

Shine your rays of sunshine down upon me
and warm my spirit for all eternity.This is
our moment, yours and mine alone and
no one can takeaway what you and I know.

Listen to the waves of the restless sea as it
washes to the shore to capture all our dreams.
Infused with happiness of the one I adore,the
arms of love are here to  battle every storm.

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