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Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July , Independence day

One cannot put restraints upon the heart,

therefore " I love you."

Most people go about the holiday with a variety of festivities to celebrate our Independence. As the fireworks created the display in the night sky, many things ran through my mind. How many lives were lost in the fight for Independence, where brother killed brother. Then I thought what it might be like for those who gave their lives hundreds and hundreds of years ago to see how the United States has developed over the years. Each time a new law is created we lose a little more of our independence. I thought how easy it was for me to lose my personal independence and how difficult it was and is to gain it back. 
There is a comfort zone when you can lean on someone else to make decisions, but that doesn't always mean the decision made is in the best interest of that person or people. When I look around at our Democracy I see that though different than other governments from local up, one thing they have common and that becomes power and that eventually leads to greed. Are people born to be great leaders or are they molded by societal desire to have someone else make the decisions? As a new law is made a freedom is lost, each law represents the desire to control a body of people  by the wishes of those we ourselves empowered. 
Again I think back to all the lives that are lost and wonder if their lives were given in vain, as we give way to a new time and place. Where there is a right there is wrong depending on how you see life. It is not always easy to gain back what you lost, but as I make personal steps to do so I am filled with both a positive and negative sense of well being. The years fade into the backdrop as if  they are no longer of importance for the journey that I now follow. 
The next time we celebrate our countries independence, I hope people remember that freedom does indeed come with a price and that many died so we may live as free people. Each morning we wake up and we have choices before us in what we will do for the day. Celebrate each day like the gift that it is. 

Picnics and parties, 
campfires and dreams,
to celebrate a history,
that allows freedom to

Wake up each morning, 
and feel the magic of the
day and give thanks for
all that comes our way. 

Hold on to the values,
that our forefathers 
put in place and in 
your heart may only
goodness remain. 

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