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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 09, 2012


One glance and this is what I see,
a friendship true that is the world
to me.

Two arms can comfort and hold ,
but your love entwines  both our
heart and soul.

Three wishes can make a dream
come true, for all three would
be to spend each day with you.

Four seasons document the time
as we create the memories 
that span beyond the mind.

Five words I repeat each day,
" I love you so much" are the
words my heart replays.

Six seconds and I am there
with you, on the clouds in
the heavens blue.

Seven virtues is what we both
have come to share,the willingness
 to show just how much we care.

Love, respect, passion and peace,
courage and kindness and the joy
 of life is what our friendship brings.


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful your words.

The love in your heart for the world to see and experience is amazing.


Rachel C Miller said...