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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Forever Kiss

Our hearts together, our souls now one, 
twisting and turning on the journey 
where we formed a special love. 

 The night sky so wonderful,a mystery now
 solved, like angels in the heavens, we
danced the whole night long. 

Your arms to hold me gently,your smiles
 placed me at ease,the beat of your heart 
had me shaken as I had fallen to my knees.

Yesterday a story tells, today is where our
love dwells. From the moment when I wake
up till I have fallen fast asleep.

Throughout the journey there will always be
you and I, from the moment you took my 
hand the rest was no surprise. 

My heart hungers for more, my soul refrains,
for life with you is eternal even if it sounds a 
bit insane. 

There are bridges out of rainbows, rivers to 
join the sea and on the shores of life there 
is always our daily dreams. 

Like each breath of air that I take in through
my lips, I feel your love each moment in a
forever kiss. 

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