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Monday, July 02, 2012


Sings > When to laugh or
to cry and wipe a tear from
your eye that is love.

When to talk or to listen
and let the hills sing that
is love.

When to share or to care
and let the world know
that is love.

When to push or to pull
and simply hold that
is love.

I use to think that everything that happens was so because of the choices we had made. But as time goes by It feels more like a plan of destiny. We are destined to journey a path that was indeed paved by fate. It's finding joy in the moment, appreciating it for what it is and realizing that no matter what the road leads somewhere, even if it is a road we already traveled.
My son's been traveling to NY each week and spending each Saturday at the farmers market with me. In our conversations we touch down on many topics.  Goals, expectations and the why of where we are at this moment. Somehow it circled around to happiness, I said" I said happiness is not something that another person can give you nor is it something that comes with a purchase" He responded with " I know" Again I said" happiness is a way of thinking "
As I looked back at the road with so many hills to climb, I thought of how I released control of my happiness to the fate of others. I had to take back the reigns of my inner being and accept the reality of my happiness. There is where choice surfaces, slides feet close
 together and stands tall.

I am happy for this moment we share,
the time you take to care, the love
that is here. I am happy to hold your

I am happy when I open my eyes and
I see you there and know that we dared,
to make our dreams come true.

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