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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Poetry From One Soul To Another

Our world within a world

Going about my daily routine, the sky a simple blue and as I gaze beyond the clouds I drift to the world created for two. Peaceful and enchanting, wondrous indeed, filled with warmth and love runs through the heart like a mountain stream. Magical the dream that places me in your arms, comforts my very soul and brings us heart to heart. Bridges  arched of rainbows, seas absorbed by the grains of sand in a world of passion, truth and love that you and I  together command. 

Frightening is the unknown 
it blankets with darkness 
and fear and in the shadows
a glimpse of your heart to
my heart shared. 

It gave to me a dream and
the power of love to conquer
the loneliness with the energy
that made us one. 

I saw it in your eyes, I felt it
in your hand and when the day
was over I knew God had 
a plan. 

He sent you in my direction,
he graced me with your smile
and on this treacherous journey
he closed the gap in the miles. 

The whispers were of happiness,
and from your lips to mine a kiss
sweeter than the purest of honey
infused like a powerful brine. 

Embraces the night, wipes away
the tears and when the morning 
comes to light your love is again
there to share. 


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