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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Fall in Love

You tube took the song that the pictures were put to off and replaced it with this. As I look back at a time that changed my life drastically, I come away with mixed fillings. One thing is that I think well I had this opportunity to live and love in a almost magical paradise. I have learned a good bit in these last ten years. Wow I can't believe it, I have buried family members and friends , created a business, made new friends, lost old friends and in the process found exactly what it means to live and to love.
Sometimes I stand back and I look at my life and I say who is this person? I don't know it definitively was not in plans I had for the future. I sometimes think that it has all been out of my hands and that I am strolling down a road paved by The Almighty God.
As we celebrate the passing of years and the goals that we have accomplished I am in awe. I found a few more videos and well they are part of my yesterday.

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