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Monday, July 02, 2012

With Every Beat of My Heart

As my daughter states the argument to get her drivers license the conversation turns to responsibility, control and balance. I tried to make her understand that to live in harmony one must learn to balance life. I said " there is a time for work, chores and learning and a time for fun, relaxation and pleasure and the secret to life is balancing it. "That my dear is being responsible." We are given all that we will ever need and it is up to us to avoid greed and draw on our inner strength. That all went over her head and she turned to me and said" I'll just get my drivers license when I am eighteen"
 It is not like I expected her to completely get it. There are adults who spend their life not understanding the balance necessary between work and personal life. 
I am one to talk, I have found myself many times over absorbed in a situation that I failed to create boundaries. The more I think about it was more about comfort than goals. Change is not always so easy to adapt to. The steps which may seem relatively unimportant to most people have been major developments in a rather common stage of events. I can feel the ache under my eyes has I try hold back the tears that swell. I see it as a measure of success, as I sold to total strangers with ease. I stepped back to look at this so called journey that amazingly took me on a path that was unfamiliar at first. Pondering and a tat bit philosophical I found myself sorting through the ordinary , my own beliefs and the mystic power of the world around me.  It was as if I kept trying to review a moment in time and make sense of it. Like placing pieces into a puzzle to get a full visual effect. One thing is certain no matter how clear a situation seems, the reality and the dreams must interlock. 
Reminds me of my friend Nancy she said " when God closes a door he opens a window" I have seen many a windows in the mountain, a few I didn't want to look through and others I didn't want to close, but then there was those windows that remained wide open as if they were summoning. Curiosity can't stop you from looking through and you find yourself one with the world on the other side of the window. 

I have never been more 
grateful than the day 
you reached you reached 
for my hand. 

I love you with every
 beat of my heart. 

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