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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have those few places which are an escape. Like a bench in the park, the rarely visited waterfall, the big rock down by the stream and sometimes it is when I am writing and feeling closer to you. Many times I have compared life to a card game. We have a hand dealt us, several cards to play and a outcome which is dependent upon the choices we make. We can play the cards many ways, but we can't change the hand we are dealt.

Squeeze tight, I want to feel your hand in mine. 


Close your eyes and
dream along side me,
place your hand in
mine and stroll
through life with me.

I am not sure if it was the warm breeze on a hot summer day, my drift in spirit or the haze that seem to blanket the blue sky that brought to surface my thoughts of you. The years have passed so quickly and as I look back I don't recognize the woman who I was or the person who I have become.  I do know that life is but a garden with many blooms and no two are ever identical.
Like a child's top when given a good push it spins from centrifugal force. So does the many experiences that we encircle, which keep us going around and around. It is when I take a breath and stop that I find my physical being idle, while my mind continues to spin. The tornado like imagines of the mind swirl as they grip everything in its path. There are the memories of yesterday, the emotions of today and the dreams of tomorrow.I am getting dizzy...

From the clouds we dance,
on the shores of life we dream,
when your lips meet with mine,
our hearts will continue to sing.

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