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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

amore mio

Like the wind as
it awakens the hollow,
your love ignites my
heart setting my soul

Like the dreams as
they bring you close,
the heavens embrace
our love with a celestial


So Great A Love

I had felt such emptiness,
loneliness and despair and
the void with in my heart
was a pain one need not

I couldn't change the hands
of time, the rivers still kept
a flow and the mountains
a barrier no matter which
way I'd go.

Love is so empowering,
wonderful indeed as
once it touched my heart
it became a part of me.

I became the mountain,
the sand and the sea,
the wind and the sun,
a book of memories.

Listen to the whispers,
the serenade of dreams, 
once they teased the heart,
 now a lovers plea. 

This love is made of magic,
infused with desire and
on the darkest days of my
life the light love of transpired.

I spoke to the Lord, "grateful
am I that I had chanced to
meet with the warmth of love,
from deep down inside." 

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