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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sweet Kisses Good Morning

I woke up singing the song " that's all". When I was on you tube trying to find it, I was amazed at how far back that song went and how many people sang it. If I was dreaming before I woke up I have no clue or memory "I can only give you love that last forever." I look back at my life as if it were in CinemaScope. An on going movie with an obvious beginning and end none of us will avoid. Sings " and the promise to be near each time you call" " I can only give you county walks in spring time and the hand to hold when leaves begin to fall." I always wonder did we make these choices or did destiny? My sister emailed me, all it said was " life sucks and then you die." That is what makes writing so powerful, long after we are gone the words will circulate, the poems with hang in homes and they will in some magical way extend our physical life upon this plain.
There is definitively a difference between what we want, need and reality. When I spanned the years, the chapters began to merge into one story.  No longer could I take segments out of context. Each measure of time is a stepping stone. I must say some of the lessons were long and tedious and I felt like a slow learner. "Don't let your emotions control you, think with your heart act with your mind."
When two souls merge there is common factor and it's built on our virtues. It is liking filling in the missing pieces of life.

The foundation of compassion and care,
with walls of trust to hold strong with out
need for repair. All of the c's confidence ,
courage and charm and a bit of determination
to be in your arms.

Gentle , warm and kind, honesty that I am yours 
and you are mine. I deals of what is love and
sharing it one to one.

The reality of what is ,
I love you and love you
I do. That is the reality
that I love you true.

It takes a little patience,
but if you wait you'll see
our love will persevere
beyond any dream. 

You can rely on that
which I say is true, 
for our love is made
of forever dust and 
forever I love you. 
If this journey has a purpose
than I'll declare it true, the
ups and downs of life were
eased when I met up with
I am ever grateful and I know it all
to be true, that from that first hello
the sky turned sky light blue. 


I placed my trust in you
and you placed your trust
in me and from that moment
our friendship formed that
was complete.

To be understood is the gift of unity,
the merging of minds, the bonding
of souls, the entwining of hearts.

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