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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Snow

Merry Christmas each day of the year,
may you find peace and happiness in
the love we share.

Merry Christmas dream on if you will
if the possible is possible, my love
is what you'll feel.

'll create a moment,
special as can be,
the fireplace a blaze
and you next to me.

The snow is falling
and the music softly
plays as I feel your
tenderness as you
breathe life into me.

There is no signs of
darkness, only the
love of light can be
found as we gaze
out the window
and watch  the
snow falling down.

My heart races
and peace is all
around, I am in
the arms of love
and there is

Gentle kisses
and a warm embrace
as we celebrate the
holiday in our own
special way.


Nothing can take your love from me,
the gift is in my heart for all eternity.
Time tested as the devil made his play
but we have risen above the obstacles
that were placed in our way.

Stronger and stronger by the moment,
and so much more special by the hour,
the greatest gift of love is so wonderful
and heavenly inspired.

I am not the writer,
the script out of my
hands, all I know
is that circumstance
set the demands.

Choices were many
and I guess we chose
a few and like the
seasons of life in the
wind they blew.

I gazed back through
the windows of time
and wondered about
the choices that leaves
you only in my mind.

The roads many,
the path but a few
that leads us to
the day where dreams
will come true.


Childhood dreams,
the snow is falling,
memories and in
my heart I hear
you calling.

Whispers soft,
words of love
warm thoughts of
that special one.


Christmas snow a blanket of winter white,
lying here alone wishing you by my side.
Tree half decorated and no cookies baked,
you are the missing element for a holiday.

Consumed by thoughts of you as I
close my eyes to see our sky blue.
Clouds are cast in gray, waiting for
you to dance them all  away.

The day just won't be the same,
I reckon that is the price we pay.
Miles apart and close in heart,
wishing you here from afar.

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