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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 08, 2013

In the Dark of the Night

The trees seem to dance with the wind
as their branches arch to the ground ,
the sounds of autumn leaves crackle
while the winter snow falls gently

My heart races for the very moment,
the dreams that only love inspires,
from the time you first said hello
and my soul was set  passionately
a fire.

The darkness is overwhelming
closing in with the night,
like a blanket that muffles the
evening, the silence I cannot


I could travel the world,
climb the mountains high,
sail across the mighty ocean
but from your love I cannot

Like a star shining in the
sky or a dream that waits
to come true is the love
that rules the blue.


My heart is heavy,
a weight I cannot bear,
each moment we're a
part is filled with the
loneliness I fear.

The days are quickly
passing, the night now
 left to rule and as I
lake here awake I
tremble like a silly

How many tears must fall?
How many shall we wipe
away? I know not the
answers as I hope we
replace those skies of

I hunger to lay within your
arms, to listen to each heart
beat and know that no matter
what happens, love will hold
us through the night.


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