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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snap the Moment

I can trace the stars that lead me to you, I'd follow through the heavens searching the skies blue. Sing and dance as silly as can be until I find my love who should be here with me. The dreams are calling , heavy are my eyes, my heart still racing to get there to our cloud. Mixed emotions, with tears and smiles, counting on the dreams to bring you around. 
There is only one sky over you and I. The moon, sun and many stars a blanket in the sky. Covers both you an I as it closes the distance in a matter of time. Close your eyes and you will find that I am in your arms for all time. 

Visualize that you are here with me, my head upon your chest and your heart beating rapidly. My hand gentle wipes your brow as I look into your eyes with a warm and gentle smile. 

Snap the moment and file it away, to retrieve on the days when we are lonely, When the skies are dark and gray you can bring out the memories to bring joy your way. 
Like a page from a story the words will reveal the greatest love in this whole wide world. This moment special it rules the sky, like a gift from the heavens it unites you and I. 

Big and bright shining down on us,
full moon glow over you and I. 
Distance quickly disappears the
miles fading into thin air. 

Winter skies tease the heart, 
romantic stars drop down from 
afar. Lifting you and I into the
clouds as we dance all around. 

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