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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Hearts Forever One

The moon has quickly faded as
the early morn brings the sun
and still I lay here dreaming
unable to completely function.

I conjure up the dreams,
I create them from memory
casting you the lead that
holds me for eternity.

Time goes on recording
the days that pass on by
but nothing really matters
as long as you are by my

Your hand safe in mine,
our hearts forever one,
that is love as it's meant
to be, forever young.

~ It was rather simple as easy as can be, I closed my eyes and you were dancing here with me. Spinning in circles I spun with delight, filled with happiness I followed the light. Love is in my heart, well kept for eternity and in my soul the gift as we bonded out of need.

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