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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Field of Memories

I find myself having to look beyond the day. Sometimes that can be very difficult and it takes an unexpected moment to just jump start life in an usual way. There are colors of a rainbow that few have yet to see, like the grayish blue of sorrow and the sunshine yellow that brings your love to the day. You gave me a rainbow as a gift to the heart, with colors of love that truly brought you from a far. In my dreams I am in your arms, my head against your chest as I close my eyes and visualize the moment where my soul can truly rest.

There is no sun in the sky
and no clouds passing by,
as gray is the color when
you are not by my side.

I find myself dreaming,
of the way it should be,
daisy's and butterflies
in the field of memories.


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