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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heart, Soul and Mind

I wished to be a song bird,
to sing sweet melody as if
the words could fill the air
with romance and dreams.

I wished to be a rainbow,
to arch across the heavens blue
while joining heart to heart
and allowing our love through.

I wished to be a snowflake
to just once touch your cheek
and feel the warmth of flesh
as my heart melts free.

I wished to conquer time,
to turn seconds into hours
while making each moment
last while our souls blaze
on fire.

I stopped the wishes, no
dreams did I need as I
looked into my heart
I felt you close to me.

I felt an unusual calm a
moment to remember
for the melody is playing,
the rainbow a bridge to
you and every falling
snowflake is my heart
melting from your love
so true.

I have conquered time,
it has no hold on you or I,
for our love is truly eternal
and will be here through
the power of heart, soul
and mind.

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