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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hold on to the magic
and never let it go,
like a child of faith,
remember how
love grows.

The warmth that you
feel, the tenderness of
touch is from the love
we share and means
so very much.

As a child I looked on at the Christmas holiday as a peaceful time of year. But as I have gotten older I realize hell doesn't stop for many. War, hunger, car accidents, illness, the wrath of mother nature, crime will all have an affect on the world around us. Yet Christmas comes with a message, the message of hope through faith. Can you imagine a world that operates according to the plan according to the angels of goodness?
As I have taken more of interest in reading history, you find that history does indeed repeat itself. That is a scary thought , because the human history is one of greed and violence. My wish for all this Christmas is that everyone find through faith the message of hope and have a holiday that is governed by peace.

I believe in angels,
in dreams that come
true. That the gift is
in the giving and that
and that love will see
us through.

I believe that faith
will walk us through
the night and give
to us a vision that
will guide us through


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