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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

...who holds my heart.

Beautiful Love Story

It is not a once upon a time 
or a lame fairy-tale of sort,
the love story is beautiful and
written by the heart. 

The pages record the days 
that have long gone by with
a blend of emotion that puts
the blue in the sky. 

Conveyed in the story is the 
meeting of two souls on the
journey through life where
the unexpected unfolds. 

Passion I am sure helped 
to write the script, adding 
desire for sweetness of 
the most pleasurable kiss. 

Patterned  after the truest 
form of love, forever rules
the time by creating this 
one on one. 

The documentation is 
in the book of  Eternity, 
where our love will go 
on living like the sweetest
of daydreams. 

The memories break the silence 
with the laughter that won't let go ,
from the moment I wake up 
I feel the warmth of heart that 
could melt the winter snow. 

The words are written of 
the deep felt embrace that 
happened one day when 
angels sent you in their place. 

You have my heart to treasure 
if you will, I hope that you 
understand , that time does 
not stand still. 


I found myself daydreaming and
my thoughts are always of you. 
There are somethings that can't 
change that sky so blue. 

The dreams a comfort of a 
sweet embrace and surreal the 
image as we kiss face to 
The truth is rather simple and 
there is no denying so that you
hold my heart and you have 
never let it go.

Breathless Desire

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