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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

You Are My Love

Grateful am I for peace I have, 
when I think of you my heart 
to my soul confides. 

Love is precious a beautiful day
when dreams come sailing our 

Grateful am I for you I have, 
the love that I tucked safely

You are my love, my angel, my paradise,
 and my joy that makes life seem right. 

From morning and through the night 
your all of my thoughts , the center 
of my life. 

I wrote words and erased them quickly 
as if I could alter life and rewrite a 

I spoke of angels and a song of love while
sang out loud as if you were singing along. 

My heart is embracing the moment of desire
as if I were in your arms where I truly belong. 

I am constantly reminded of our vulnerability, 
within one moment the end can replaced by a 

So I repeat the words that time will carry on,
the words of love that becomes the next love

Distance a barrier that holds us apart and 
yet in an uncanny way I meet you each 
night above the stars. 


Thousands upon thousands of words to write, 
the combinations are endless like the stars in
the sky. 

I ask myself the question
of where I should be and 
the answer is always the 
same, in your arms 

The thoughts are comfort
the images surreal and as 
I close my eyes your love
is what I feel. 

There is essence to the 
moment that I can't really 
explain, but sadly enough
it is time that gets away. 

I thought it was in madness
what I held to this day and 
as I whispered in the darkness
I begged the heavens to take 
your way. 

Somethings are fleeting 
like a mixed up aimless
dream and other things
are forever like the love
you share with me. 

Follow your heart and 
follow your dreams as 
one day you'll find out 
just what it all means. 

Where will it take us.
and what will we do?
How long will we have
to make dreams come 

Follow your heart and 
follow your dreams as
one day you'll find out
just what it all means. 

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