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Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Sappy holiday movies, Christmas trees and all that comes with the season. When you get to this time in life you think the crystal ball of wisdom does reveal the schematic for happiness. But in all reality we had always been able to experience happiness we just didn't look deep enough into our own heart.
Retailers have away of making you think that happiness is about the gift. But I have learned my lesson the hard way it is not what you wrap in a package and give away, it is what you receive from the one you love. Happiness is sharing with the one you love.

In the middle of a storm
the wind in control and
all seems hopeless till
your hand I hold.

You are my sunshine
each morning, my stars
in the night, you are
my dreams of delight.

It's not like I never really had a concept of how happiness occurs. We all have the ability to be happy but that happiness is magnified when we surround ourselves with love. Ahh I thought, so love is the gift, to be loved and to return love. Every child needs it from birth till the moment they part earth It  can felt in a touch, shared in a glimpse and reviewed through a memory.

I felt the joy
that only love can bring,
somehow it got a hold
on me.

Comforts when sad,
gives hope through the day,
love and happiness found
its way.

When my adult children were giving me their spin of being the Grinch. They didn't get the gift they wanted or they hate all the hoopla. I felt like I must have let them down and that they didn't understand  that the holiday was about the time we share, going to church, having dinner, baking cookies, decorating the tree, building a snowman, making angels, reading stories , dancing an singing songs and playing board games and so much more.

To see your smile,
feel your love
while we share
in the dreams above.

To celebrate each day
and give gratitude for
all that comes our

Living and loving is
the true gift of life
unwrapped each day
makes the day bright.

I thought of all the people who were alone and sad and how the loneliness might consume them. Just because we are given a schematic for happiness doesn't mean people know how to read it. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, with people and places that you never dream. In all reality we may become the company we keep but we also have the power to create our own happiness. If you keep love in your heart and you never share it weighs a soul down and blinds the spirit.

Building a bridge of memories
I reached out and held you to me.
The dreams bring a smile to my face
like the kiss of happiness that nothing
can replace.

With all the negativity in the world and the sadness that evil can claim in a minutes time, many people wonder how can you rise above the darkness. For those who choose to claim the tool of evil, the rest of us armed with the tool of goodness. That is where the freedom of choice comes from. We choose bad things to happen? We do and we don't but we are a product our choices. That is the consequence that comes from our own weakness. People are not perfect, there is no Rockwell painting and our human traits can occasionally blind us to the simplicity of life. Love is caught in a snow storm, at the bedside of a person stricken by disease or illness, sharing in a cup of tea, walking down by the river on a cold windy day, sharing in a few words and wiping away a tear.

Catching snow flakes,
dreaming of you and
a dance on the clouds
and sky so blue.

Happiness is what I
share with the one
who stopped and
dare to care.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a world of memories.

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