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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Beyond the Blue

March is rather fickle
with highs and lows
and I can understand
as I felt the wind blow.

Temperatures are rising
and tomorrow they will fall,
just like my heart when
sorrow came to call.

My heart tells another story,
it speaks of heaven and hell.
From the moment you said
hello and again said goodbye.

Weep tears of sorrow,
yesterday is gone, but I lay
awake and wonder, how
can I find my place back
to the stars.

Love is forever,
I'll never let it go,
no matter the day
spring through snow.

I have it for safe keeping,
it is here in my heart
and though you are a distance,
your love is never far.


Silence takes on its own ....

You don't  ever go looking
or ever hope to find,
the bridge of rainbows
that arch your soul to mine.

Somethings are just meant to be,
stars in the heaven and silly dreams.
Sorrow and happiness had ultimately
appeared and that is how each
day is shared.

Porcelain faces smile all the time,
while teardrops are behind the eye.
Empty expressions, sorrow at will,
wondering just how the heart feels.

The road  was made of a circle,
no simple enter or exit could I see,
circling around and round we go only
to rise above through another dream.

There is no power nor energy of will tomorrow will come and I'll be behind the shield. Heartache, yes heartache is all that there is, my heart felt it from whence life began. I'll tell you a story, in as few words as I can, from my memory life took a spin. I didn't know, nor understood, that the truth is every beginning has an ultimate end.

Like a summer rose when wild it grows,
rambling the hills with its thorny hedge,
a view of love and heartache in a tale
of life that keeps us on the edge.

The clock without hands,
still tells a tale, started in
heaven , ended in hell.


I saw the spirits of darkness,
the evil if you will that was
sent to haunt from the
depths of hell.

Try and battle,
see the spring in every day,
it can melt the snow and
bring sunshine our way.


Pieces, pieces everywhere,
the puzzle of life we share.
I try to see it and understand
the dark of nights demands.


It is not typically the season where you think about the movie " It's a wonderful life." Through out the year we are affected by people we come in contact with. I find it even goes deeper, from our experiences to a simple song playing on the radio. My mind is scattered, which is not quite unusual for me. One moment I am on the clouds and as quickly as you can snap your fingers I can be struggling with the moment. Sadly enough not all experience and people who come into your life lead us down positive roads. It has always felt like we were all just pieces of the puzzle of the world. As each peace snaps in we get a different view of the canvas.
I had a dream last night, it was odd because it was the last person I thought would enter my subconscious. In the dream I was reading a poem that was written, for me. It was a poem of respect , encouragement and filled with an understanding. As the day had worn on the words have faded from my conscious and all that remains of the dream is that of respect and understanding and that someone touches you in away that you never quite understand on the surface.
Life is a simple balance of wants and needs and contrary to that belief nothing is ever that simple. To believe so would be a paradox of faith. Because we are always trying to find that piece of the puzzle where we fit.

I see it with my eye closed
and feel it from a distance
and yet I can put my finger
on it what makes the difference.

Edgy and uncertain and yeah I
know that it is near, a love
that reaches beyond to
magically share.

It is when you least expect it...

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