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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sweet Memories

Limbo under leaves of green,
under blue skies and dream,
felt your kiss in the wind.... sweet memories.
There is a view out my window,
that reveals your love for me,
separated by a pane of glass
and yet a major part of me.

The trees are quickly budded,
they know spring is very near
and yet a storm is in passing
and still my heart I share.

There is a silence to my morning, 
a sorrow that weighs from above, 
like clouds of darkness as I am 
missing the one I dearly love. 

There is a distance I can't bridge, 
and a loneliness I just can't hide,
that floods my heart with teardrops
from deep down inside. 

I could spend my day thinking of you, 
wondering what you are doing and if
you think of me too. 

I could sail about right through the 
river of tears as they keep on 
falling as I wish your love near. 

~Otis Redding sang it best..."Change gonna come. " "It is too hard living and I don't wanna die."

Flip on through pages
no words will you find
for the love we share
is mighty divine.

It rules the heavens as
we dance upon the clouds
in my heart you're the only
one that brings the sun around.

Words, words, words
are meaningless to me,
all I ever wanted is scripted
from my dreams.

Words, words, words,
from my heart you'll read,
the story of love and how
my soul took to plea.

I just wanna tell you,
I love you, if it takes
my whole life to say
how much I love you.

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