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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 14, 2014

I turned the page...

There is an old adage" you are the company you keep." I found that getting out of the house was like penetrating the shield of negativity. Putting my head through a stretch like window and getting a breath. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my own emotions. The need to love and be loved and the memories that weigh heavily upon our own spirit. I kept thinking to myself, do I hide my emotions, bury them, deny or accept these feelings as part of who I am ? Today it seemed very clear, that we are responsible only for our own actions, emotions and thoughts. I have been through an array of dark thoughts, yes I tried to hide how I feel, bury how I feel, deny how I feel and today I understand that everything we do is just another page in the very large book of life.

We are a thread in the fine network of life.
They say we carry the child with us through life, 
this child is singing and dancing. 

Today is quite a rare day, 
there are no tears behind my eyes. 
I am not dancing upon clouds, 
my feet are here on earth, 
My dreams are all possible, 
as my love has a worth. 

The sun is a little brighter, 
the sky so much more blue
as I look to the heavens
 I accept the truth.

The truth is in my heart,
it has been there all along,
leading me from the darkness
like a blazing star.


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