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Thursday, March 20, 2014


It has been said " everyone has one good story" one unforgettable character, one unforgettable experience. Though I think some of us have a few different stories within us. What I have found out though and this matters little where we are in the story of life, is that people handle life differently. That may at times alter the outcome, change a chapter or write a happy or sad ending.  I guess not everyone has to write the story within because there are so many similarities that no matter the difference in characters the outcome is the same. You would think the combination of words would never be duplicated and yet, hearts break, people laugh, cry and in the end we all leave this earth.
I was nine and my youngest sister five years old we were swimming in the Allegheny River on these rubber tubes, when my sister slipped from the tube and went under. She was in a panic, the water was dark and all I could see was her hand reaching out of the water. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. She clung on for dear life and I managed to make it to sure. In her mind I saved her life. I think about that moment only as I realize how our actions can change an outcome. Sometimes we reach out of that water and no one is there and it is like grasping into this air. People can change a life for the good or for the bad and many times it depends on how we react to a particular experience. Does the moment guide us, push us under or lead us to dry land? I may at times reach out as if someone is reaching back and other times I find that loneliness is not a bad thing, because there is nothing to complicate.

My happiness was dependent upon 
the happiness of others.

We have no choice at birth...


I am truly tired...

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