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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 02, 2014

I Am So Done With Winter

I am waiting on the sunrise,
looking for the blue, 
missing you terribly and 
not knowing what to do. 

I am restless and edgy, 
filled with foolish desire, 
trying to put out flames 
in this ongoing burning fire. 

I start the day in darkness, 
thinking of you, wondering
what you are doing and 
if you are thinking of me too. 

I am waiting on the sunrise, 
looking for the sky of blue, 
missing  you terribly and 
not knowing what to do. 

Winter walls are closing on in,
they shout in sequence of the
secretes held within.

Story after story, who would
care to know,as we go about
writing, we get bout of snow.

Silly request, hold my hand
and see me through, I am
saying goodbye to winter
in a courtesy of adieu.

The season dark and cold
 is standing mighty strong,
sending another snow storm
making winter seem so long.

I know it will pass and
another day will begin
but without your love
I don't know how my
heart will live.
Some people think it
is okay to play the heart a fool,
to break it down and make it
cry and leave it dark and cold.

I think it is quite sinister and
evil at best, leaving scars
on the old of my heart
and a life long test.


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