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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Two Souls Dancing, One you and One Me

In the darkness form took shape,
two souls eloquently dancing as one,
tempestuous music as haunting memories
continuously play.

Spinning in circles , dizzy and lost, the
wind swept away the clouds of gray,
as I looked to the clearing again I
could see  two souls dancing, one you
and one me.

I would be sad and as lonely as could be
if not for your memory that lives on in me.
I hungered for more,more than just a
dream, I hungered for your touch to
set my soul free.

Patient I gaze out the windows of my mind,
wanting that contentment that comes with time.
Smiles that somehow appear, reminders of
the happiness that you and I have shared.

Just Words

It all seemed to be just words,
until I felt the hot flames burn.
The infusion of your gentle love
tender, sweet, soars like a bird.

These strong emotions bring to
life each word, like angels upon
the heavens their music taunting
can be heard.

Passion and admiration and a mix
of desire is viewed in each  and
every passage and is like a
spring time shower.

Written for the heavens, so they
may know the truth behind a love
that dares to never let go.

Here is what I write and what I
leave behind , inside you'll find
my heart and the memories of
the mind.

Content to wake unto you arms,
a kiss of devotion in return for
your charm. Strong emotions
carry me away, I am high upon
the clouds waiting for you to
come my way.

Passion, admiration, contentment, adoration, devotion, strong emotions that concerns love…

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