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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Embodiment of Love

Throughout life the path or the goals of life change. When I was a young child, I remember thinking" how do we change the world. "  Somewhere a long the way it went from a simple where do I fit in the world , to how do I raise children to be a good part of society. I stood on the clouds, I danced, I fell from them and again I stood upon the earth and looked up. I find myself in a very questionable state of mind today. Agitated is how I would put it. I guess when I thought about my own chapters of life and which ones made me happy, it came down to simply what felt good. Feelings of love, need, passion , acceptance all seem to make the negative bearable. But it is like a place setting that is tarnished, we have a tendency or at least I do, of polishing things up so that they look good on the surface.
Everything has a consequence. Even at a time when I experienced a beautiful moment, there was a downside to it that I had to live with. I guess we can't walk away unscathed. I can't believe how quickly time has passed, so much so that some of it seems like a dream and others moments like a nightmare. I had this dream a few nights ago. It was the most unlikely person who wrote me a poem. In the dream I read the poem and remembered feeling inspired and maybe a feeling of guidance. As I awakened from the dream, I had no memory of the words that I had read in my dream.
Today the temperatures were rather warm and are quickly dropping. From almost 70 to 8 degrees by morning. How fickle is the month of March. But this is life, we find ourselves on both ends of the spectrum. I feel that warmth and chill within me.
I have my doubts about this next chapter of life. I use to think I knew what I wanted. In many ways that hasn't changed.

I need a little bit of sunshine
to take the chill away,
your smile each morning
to bring happiness to my

I need your arms around me
when the starts rule the sky
and your love for the rest
of my life.

If my heart and soul were on the same page with my mind...

Lilies of the valley,
fragrance so sweet,
though tiny little flowers
their gift is mighty big.

They grow upon the hillside,
where little sun shines and
still they spread like wildfire
as if documenting time.

Truth is a funny thing,
the same situation can
morph over the years.

I have felt love
and abandonment,
happiness and sorrow,
weak and strong and
emotional I have felt

Yes my perspective has changed.

I think I over paid the piper..

I needed a sense of peace to rest my weary soul
and so I opened my heart , where you walked in
and took a hold.


Like wind there were spirits in passing,
my oak tree bends but never breaks.

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