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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

By My Side

The swing seems empty
except for a flower or two
but I know a little different
as I am always there with

Sit here beside me and
we will share in the day,
you're here in my heart
and forever you'll stay.

The season is becoming
with many colors of fall
and with you beside me
it is spring that comes to

The moments we share
are as special as can be,
for you are my love
and you mean the world
to me.

No conversation is needed
between these hearts of two,
we bonded heart and soul
and that speaks to the
heavens blue.

The season is teasing as
it feels like the first of spring
and I sit upon the swing
and my drifts to memories.

My heart is open and
there is where you reside
and there is where you'll
remain the love of my

I sense a sort of magic
that brings your love to me
no matter the difference
you are in my every dream.

Come once more my darling
and sit here by my side as
we make the most of each day
and share what's left of time.

like a well written love

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