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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, November 16, 2015


The past year everything has been pretty much routine. I worked the same events and trade shows and pretty much saw the same people. It was a bit comfortable but it wasn't until I worked Saturday in a different area, with totally different people that the adrenaline flowed. There is something magical about touching the hearts of people you have yet to meet. It is as if not only do I touch their hearts but they touch mine. It is like being an electrical sponge and absorbing the energy. As much as it puts me on a high for the day, there is an unsettling adjustment that comes with falling back into my home routine.
You have to wonder about life and the journey we are all on. It is filled with our wants, needs, desires and dreams as well as a large dose of struggles and of course the unknown. At some point I had to reckon with the "what is " of life. Where we fit in the bigger picture and what we can expect in the future.
I found that no matter who you meet they have an unbalanced scale of heaven and hell. Everyone faces it at one time or another. There is no amount of comparison as each experience pulls at the emotion within us. So heaven and hell are nothing but the tools of emotion. Some seeming more brutal or hellish and others seemingly more unfairly positive. Of course I believe it all depends on how we are capable of digesting the experience and controlling our emotions.
In a world where there is a cloud of cruelness, one has to find their own place of peace whether through the heart, soul or simply through the dreams that await us each night.

Stepping on the clouds,
waiting on your love,
like a dream so surreal,
in the heavens above.

There is something magical,
that placed you in my life
as you travel side by side on
this journey day and night.


Words upon a page fueled by love and
 a breath of the soul brings it to life.

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